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yemen coffee

The Yemen coffee has tremendous
characters and
wonderful  complexity . It can be described as winy, spicy, nutty, malty and fruity. Its uniquely acid cup makes this coffee simultaneously smooth and piquant (pleasantly pungent).
 It possesses heavy body, unique flavors a characteristic  usually lacking in other coffees. This coffee yields the most superbly aromatic and uniquely-flavorful cup in the world.
We feel very fortunate to be able to bring this rarest and delicious coffee to those who have the instinct of the coffee art perfection, consistently the 
same way when started 400s years ago.
Yemen produces  many Mocha Coffees, and the most recognized world-wide are ISMAILI,MATTARI, and HARAZI.
Each type has its own characteristics.
To get the best of 
the coffee you should get it pure
(single origin).
How we prepare our coffees...
yemen coffee

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NOW  YOU  CAN  GET  YOUR  COFFEE  FROM  AL-MUKHA  CITY . . . . . . . . .                                             WE  ARE  THE  ONLY  FIRM TO  SHIP  COFFEE  FROM  AL-MUKHA  CITY


Now we ship your coffee from Al-Mukha city. . . .
 is the only source of true Mocha coffee, 
which has been recognized by many generations throughout the world as the best coffee obtainable. The quality of Yemen coffee is highly regarded and we at Yemen Mocha Coffee Trade are proud to bring to our customers the finest Mocha coffee Yemen offers. There are several distinct types of the Yemeni Mocha coffee. While all of these types have their distinguishing flavors, they also share some common characteristics.  This is an archetypal coffee, for within a single cup of Mocha one may glimpse all the flavors coffee grown the world over has to offer. You may find bright acidity; musky, wine-in-a-barrel fruitiness; earth and sweet spice; roasted nuts; chocolate; wood; or tobacco. The variations in flavor can be maddening, or intriguing. 


The worlds oldest, most famous coffees comes from Yemen. The coffee is Yemen Mocha, long and justly considered to be the worlds greatest, uniquely delicious coffees. Once the subject of myth, Mocha coffee has become the object of Misunderstanding and misrepresentation. Mocha coffee takes its name from the Yemeni port city called Mocha (AL-MUKHA).
 Until just over one hundred years ago, it was 
a small port in Yemen on the Red Sea. Some four centuries ago small quantities of this coffee with a very fine flavor, grown on the hillsides surrounding the town, were exported through this port. 



how Yemeni coffee producers trade
yemen coffee

Dealing with coffee in general is one of the most headache business as some coffee importers is expressing their feelings, and dealing with Yemen coffees is the real headache as they say. it goes back to the lack of experience with Yemen coffees, verity of Yemen coffees which make coffee dealers loose the track to establish coffee data track to serve their own purposes which cause them to get mixed with coffee verities. Many complains are about the cleanness of the coffee such as being dirty, ...etc.
One of the major complain is the consistency of the Yemen coffees. Many coffee importers have suffered to establish data record to serve their own proposes, where they get coffees from time to time which found to have different characteristics although they bought supposedly same coffee type of the previous time.

why is our coffee so special
yemen coffee

All the coffees we produce are either produced from our farms or bought by us from farmers whom we have been monitoring their coffees and dealing with them for many generations and having them to find us beside them whenever they needed us got them to feel that they are 

  part of our success and family .    The farmers we deal with are producing the finest coffee Yemen offers..


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